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A Guide to Internet Marketing


Internet marketing programs have in influence in the marketing strategies of the company. This is because the company use the new media in attracting millions of customers all over the world. For instance, Facebook, twitter, pinterest as well as websites are some of the most preferred social sites of a greater population of young adults in the world. Scholars contend it is for this reason that the company uses these sites in conveying information to most its esteemed customers in the world.


Besides, advertisements of their programs as well as products is proving to be more efficient through the application these present internet marketing. From the time of invention of Facebook, Coca Cola have attracted more 63 million fans to like there page as well as its affilojetpack website.


This acts, as a privilege in the sense that it comes with international celebrity thus making the advertisement of the consumer brands such as Red Bull and other drinks becomes very efficient leading to the improvement of the brand image. The invention of the coca cola happiness machine is another form of internet marketing that have led to the ever-rising sales of the company.  Know about residual income here!


The machine entails simple skills of producing different treats like drinks, pizza, flowers as well as the sandwiches or rather it works as a classic coke vending machine. This has become a center of an additional reward on purchase of different coke products. Hence, appeal to the taste of many youths who are the potential customers of the company. From the two scenarios, it is evident that the internet marketing have led to a positive influence on the marketing strategies of the company.


Specifically, the social media have heightened way of advertisement as well as creation awareness of different programs offered by the company. Thus, causing a notable change on the increase of sales of the company as well as introduction of other new drinks in the market that competes with the other products from other companies in the world.


These changes are not only evident in  the coca cola company, but also other companies such as Walmart and Starbucks also attest to the significance of the internet  media in the improvement of their sale of products.  In essence, most of the developed companies inn US, have integrated the notion of internet marketing in advertisement as well as sale of their products because of the importance of internet in sales through websites. Read HUMAN PROOF DESIGNS REVIEW


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